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The American University of Nigeria (AUN) is a private university in North-Eastern Nigeria, precisely in Yola, Adamawa State that offers the American style of higher education programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels. It was founded in 2004. It is the first American-style university in Sub-Saharan Africa. The university has the full accreditation of the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Find the breakdown of all the fees of AUN in Naira (NGN) listed below.


Fall 2019   Spring 2020     Total (N)

Tuition (15 credits @ N61,667/Credit)

925,000        925,000        1,850,000

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Tuition for Engineering Students only (15-19 credits @ 70,000/Credit)

1,330,000        1,330,000        2,660,000


Fall 2019   Spring 2020     Total (N)

Double Room W/Facilities

325,000        325,000        650,000

Double Room W/O Facilities

228,000        228,000        456,000

Triple Room W Facilities

250,000        250,000        500,000

Triple Room W/O Facilities

180,000        180,000        360,000

Quad Room W Facilities

187,500        187,500        375,000


Fall 2019   Spring 2020     Total (N

21 Meals

339,150        339,150        678,300

14 Meals

248,710        248,710        497,420

7 Meals

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136,850        136,850        273,700

Average Meal Plan

241,570        241,570        483,140


Fall 2019   Spring 2020     Total (N)


35,000          35,000           70,000


25,000          25,000           50,000

Student Activity

30,000          30,000           60,000


15,000          15,000           30,000


45,000          45,000           90,000

Engineering Lab Fee (For Engineering Students only)

50,000          50,000           100,000

Graduation Fee (only Graduands): N20,000


GTBank is the only bank that is authorized to collect tuition and fees on behalf of the University. Each column of the tables above represents fees payable per semester. In order to obtain the sums for each semester, add up the total amounts generated in each row of the table and indicate the total amount in the bottom row of the column. This is the total fee for the Fall 2019 semester. To calculate the total fee for the full year, the fees for both semesters should be added to give the grand total for a year.

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