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Businesses You Can Do On Campus While At School.

Businesses you can do in the campus while in school

It’s no longer cool to graduate from the higher institutions and spend long years after the mandatory service year, looking for some source of employment. In the recent times, more and more young people are starting to take initiatives and have gone ahead to begin side businesses while in school. For such businesses their major customers are their schoolmates, course mates, and even their lecturers in some cases. From these businesses, a number of them have been able to pay their tuition fees and bear their feeding expenses. It is therefore a wise idea to use the years of school to begin to try out entrepreneurial ventures and see which one would become your thing.

Here are some businesses you can start (or services you can provide) in the campus:

1. Sales of curtains and beddings.

In every town or locale, there is always a market that is known to sell these materials at cheaper prices, find the one close to you and go there with someone more knowledgeable about the pricings and quality standards. You may also decide to find a trustworthy dealer. Once you can find a dealer that will supply you with good quality materials, and you have a tailor who sews neatly, you’re set up for business. The next thing is the packaging of the products. Because you’re just starting up, you may not have the luxury of expensive bags and packs but just make sure that your goods are packaged so that they appeal to the buyers.

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2. Pastries and confectioneries.

Doughnuts, meat pies, cupcakes, cookies, buns, you just make your pick. If you are able to make any of these, then you should consider setting up a campus business off that skill. You can reach out to shop owners and have them place demands and you just supply. Look beyond being the end seller, to being a distributor; because as a student, you won’t have the time to attend to every customer individually. In school, there’s always one event or the other, think about how to begin supplying to the planners. With less than #20,000 you can start up the first batch of production and because you’re dealing with eatables, you’d hardly lack customers. So, you might consider learning this profitable skill.

3. Typing and printing services.

This is one service that thrives very well in the school environment for there would always be the need for a student to either print his assignments, seminars, or projects. This is excluding the tonnes of photocopying that goes on as well. Although the start-up of this business will involve more money, it’s highly profitable as it has a teeming market. It’s now your responsibility to look for ways to make yours stand apart, and attract more customers.

4. Phone repairs.

You can decide to use a semester break to go and learn this skill, and return to the campus and begin making money from it. As wide as the population of students in the campus is, so is the population of mobile phones there. And phones will always develop faults. So, if you become known for delivering good services, you automatically attract customers. Also if you’re honest, that’s even better. This is because students have tired of scoundrels who claim to be what they are not, and end up causing more damage to their phones.

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5. Laundry services.

Not every student loves washing their clothes. Take advantage of this, and set up a laundry business in campus and make your money from them. Keep at it, and before so long, you could own washing machines to reduce the workload.

6. Tutoring services.

If you are very good in your course of study, you can consider offering tutorials to your mates or those a level below you. If you’re truly good at teaching and explaining the difficult course work, your junior colleagues will flock to you. Monetize this.

7. Hairdressing.

Ladies love looking beautiful and so, they don’t joke with their hairs. If you are good at making hair, you have ready customers. You can decide to specialize in either braiding or fixing of weave-on and become very good at it. I don’t see you lacking customers.

8. Fashion designing.

The campus is one place fashion trends spread very fast; dressing almost becomes a contest and finding a tailor that sews beautifully is a treasure hunt. You could either decide to learn the sewing skills or have someone who does the sewing for you. Like every other campus business, if you’re known to be good, you have your customers.

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9. Photography.

Get yourself a good camera and be blessed with a creative eye, and you have guys and ladies striking poses before you. Pictures are a good way to preserve memories and there are lots of memories worth preserving, in the campus. Learn the art of photography and explore the market.

10. Food supply.

If you have love for cooking, and you make a good chef, you should consider monetizing it. As there are students that don’t love doing their laundry, there are students that don’t love cooking. Position yourself strategically and help them while you smile to the bank.
There’s no magical wand you throw around in the air to guarantee quick success; entrepreneurship is all about grit and hard work. So, give it all the time it needs.

And as with every business start-up, wisdom is needed:
• Carry out a proper feasibility study before you start. Make sure the service or good you’re bringing has a market for it. Can they pay for the services or will you run into intractable expenses?

• Human beings are your customers, so have a healthy human relationship with others; interact with your peers and superiors. And also, do the necessary publicity; have people know that you have a campus business that caters to their needs.

• Find a way to balance the business with you academic work, so the latter doesn’t suffer. It is the primary reason why you’re there and it won’t make sense if you flop terribly in it.

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