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Dstv- Multichoice and Its History

Brand Name: Multichoice.


Motto: Enriching Lives.

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to deliver value to our customers by making great entertainment more accessible. We find and develop the right mix of content and deliver it to millions of people across Africa – anytime, anywhere.”

Social Media Platforms:




Multichoice is a well-known brand in Africa; The brand dominates the Media/ Television landscape in Sub Saharan Africa. Multichoice companies spread around 50 countries in Sub Saharan Africa; Their companies include:

DSTV: a sub-Saharan African video entertainment company owned by MultiChoice Group. It is the most popular entertainment company in the whole of Africa. DSTV, which stands for, Digital Satellite Television, is a paid direct broadcast satellite service. DSTV service launched in the year 1995 and provides multiple television channels and services to subscribers. They currently have around 11.9 million subscribers and increasing. owned by MultiChoice Group

GOTV: Multichoice introduced this company to fight off competition. At some point, users thought DSTV was too expensive and only for the rich. Competing companies started putting out cheap and affordable direct satellite services, targeting low-income households. Not wanting to lose market share, Multichoice, a household and trusted brand released GOTV targeting low-income homes; they ran other competing companies out of business after this move. On the GOTV website, they described their company as “the home of African television, and we are committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa. GOTV provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa. Our reliable service is one you can trust. Experience the digital revolution in your home.”

SHOWMAX: an internet-based subscription Video-on-demand service. This company acts like Netflix.

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MNET: is MultiChoice’s first-ever South African entertainment brand, launched in 1986.

SUPERSPORTS: is Africa’s premier sports broadcaster, which is the most-watched Sports platform in Africa. They have many sports channels and are a part of the DSTV and GOTV platforms.

IRDETO: offers services that protect digital platforms and applications.


  • Multichoice website displays the mission statement of the brand; they also put up all their products on the homepage of the website.
  • All their products have a different website and different social media handles; their products are country-based, with various sites and social media handles for different countries they operate.
  • They display this on their website; Making it very easy for users to access information on all their products.

List of some of their websites:

All their websites contain information about their products. They are there to give users instructions on how to operate the products. You can pay for the product on the site, self-service is another excellent attribute on their websites; they have their social media pages on all their websites.


  • They have different Facebook pages for various products and countries.
  • Their Facebook page is set up to promote their products and address issues customers are having with their products. An example of one of their pages is this one based in Nigeria for their DSTV products; it has over 3M likes and followers.
  • Multichoice page on Facebook is there to talk about the brand, news of new products, and news about the brand’s successes.
  • They also carry out giveaways on their Facebook page to keep their users engaged.
  • It is easy to contact someone from the company on Facebook if you have a problem with a product.
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Multichoice twitter page is used for news about new products and the brand’s internal affairs.

What I like about Multichoice, and why?

This brand has been able to operate and dominate the African scene for many years. Their success comes from their honesty, quality service, and innovation. I love this brand because they have a passion for the industry they dominate. Their products are made with the aim of enriching lives; they are easy to set up, and they carry the African spirits, which resonates with most Africans. Some of their products are expensive, but you are sure to get excellent services when you use them. Quality over quantity is something they hold to their hearts, and that goes well with me.

What I don’t like about Multichoice and why?

This brand, like other big brands, engages in some shady practices to keep their monopoly going. The introduction of GOTV was aimed at destroying other brands and taking them out of the market. In my opinion, competition is needed in all markets; producing similar products because you have a trusted brand just to get competitors out of business might be a good business strategy, but it isn’t ethical. I don’t like that some of their products are too expensive for the average person compared to companies producing the same products.

Does the Multichoice brand tie-in to its mission statement? How? If not, what could they change so it would?

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I am 100% sure that the company’s brand tie-in to their mission statement. Their mission statement is “enriching lives.” They are doing this by bringing information closer to the people; our lives are enriched when we have access to useful information. Their entertainment platform is the best in Africa; Movies, sports, comedy, shows, and everything entertainment have to offer is readily available on their platforms. They try their best to make everything easy for their customers, providing them with enriching media content.

What do you think of the design?

Multichoice products are well designed, easy to use, and they come with instructions that are easy to follow. A product is designed well when everyone can efficiently operate and put it in the proper order. I have used DSTV and GOTV, and they both have similar features. The design is consistent around all products; anyone who uses GOTV or DSTV will immediately know that it is a product of Multichoice.

Does the Multichoice brand connect with its audience? How?

Since Multichoice is a company that targets the African Audience, they frequently make use of African themes; They create African shows, promote African movies, and support the African culture. Since they have a lot of users in Nigeria, they dedicated most of their channels to the Nigerian entertainment industry. “African Magic” is a channel devoted to showing Nigerian movies, Trace Tv is a music channel that frequently shows Nigerian/ African music videos. They have different channels dedicated to various African countries; their products come in different languages. They portray themselves as an African brand, and this resonates with most Africans.

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