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Fastest Way to Get A Spain Work Visa

Obtaining a Spain work Visa can look like a daunting task for most, but the easiest and fastest way to get a Spain work visa is by following specific procedures laid down by the Spanish government. Working in any European country requires a work permit. In essence, interested parties need to get a job in Spain first before they can go ahead and apply for a work visa. The work permit gives applicants a reason to go to the embassy for a visa.

Before going for a visa, individuals require a work permit. Obtaining a work permit requires that an individual must have gotten a job in Spain. Without a job, candidates cannot get a work permit, and without a work permit, it’s next to impossible to get a work visa at the Spanish embassy.

Let us look at the types of work permits candidates can quickly apply for:

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Employee Work Permit

Candidates can only get this permit after a Spanish Employer must have employed them. To work anywhere in the world, individuals have to get a job first, except they are starting their own business. So getting an employer in Spain that is willing to file for an individual is essential. To obtain this permit, individuals must remain in their respective countries before applying for a job.

Freelancer or Self-employed Work Permit

This permit is for those who have their own business and want to move to Spain to invest or start a business. Applying for this permit means individuals don’t depend on employers in Spain. They are capable of running their own business in Spain.

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Spain work permit cost

United States citizens Visa fee: $190

Canadian Citizen Visa fee: $114

Other Nationalities Visa fee: $67

How to get a work visa in Spain as an American

American citizens needing to dwell or work in Spain must acquire the proper Visa from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their state/nation of the last place lived. After the Visa has been granted, internationals have 90 days to apply for a similar permit with the Spanish government in Spain.

Documents Required For A Spain Visa

  • Police report and history.
  • International Passport
  • Passport Photograph
  • Details of employment in Spain (job)
  • Documents of the job contract
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Employer’s information
  • Medical records

Qualifications and Eligibility for Spain Work Visa

  • A BSC or graduate degree.
  • Individual must be a Professional in the field.
  • The employer couldn’t find a qualified Spanish citizen for the job.
  • A job contract is available.
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Procedures in simple terms for Spain Work Visa

  • Get a job
  • Pay the visa fee for a Spain work Visa and book an appointment.
  • Get your documents ready
  • Go to the Spanish Embassy in your country.
  • Wait for visa processing.

Spain Work Visa Processing Time

The Embassy and the Consulate of Spain take about four working days to process visas from the hour of receipt of a right and complete application. Be that as it may, the Embassy and the Consulate can take as long as 15 days to survey an application and, in most cases, as long as 45 days.

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