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Food Brands Your Dog Will Definitely Love

Best Food Brands for Man’s Best Friend

Are you considering what food brands are best for your dog? Or maybe you want more information on whether your best friend is getting all the nutrients they need from their food? In this article, we will talk about the debate between dry food and raw food diets, highlighting some of the best brands on the market.

The Dry Food/Raw Food Debate

In the past few years, you may have noticed a rise in owners feeding their dogs a raw food diet; partly this is down to a growth in awareness around what we put into our own bodies but also because there is evidence to show that a raw food diet can provide your dog with a higher nutritional content meal. We have found an increase in accessibility for raw food diets through online services to have had a huge rise on owners switching their dogs over from biscuit based food.

Typically, this diet has been used for sporting dogs such as greyhounds because they tend to have a high protein content needed for the kind of exercise expected – you will also find most sled dogs to be on a raw food diet.

Raw dog food is usually high in muscles, bones and organ meats with some brands also considering dairy and vegetables to be equally as important. The main benefits found in a raw food diet is a lower level of carbohydrates – as we know, dogs are descendants of wolves and their stomachs are just not built for such high levels of carbohydrates. A dry food diet not only contains high levels of carbs but it’s levels of protein and fats are significantly lower! Below, we have collated some of our favourite raw food brands.


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BARF Dog Food comes with four options; chicken, lamb, beef and combination. All of which contain very high levels of meat content and carefully selected additional ingredients for the best nutritional values. Highly recommended for most dogs – it is important to note that all four recipes contain garlic which can be linked to anaemia in dogs so watch out for this.

Fresh is Best Dog food is a freeze-dried product which comes in four options; chicken, duck, turkey, and beef. Reviews on each recipe show an abundance of meat including livers and hearts to provide a high level of nutritional value with the remaining coming from vegetables. Their dog food also has a range for puppies as they develop!

Primal Raw come with a wealth of options for your dog; Pork, Duck, Rabbit, Venison, Quail, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb and Beef. These Formulas come in a variety of serving styles, so it is easy to find one that suits – We are a fan of the Pronto Scoop and Serve but take a look at their website to find what works in your house best. Not only do Primal Raw come with an abundance of options, they also have high content of fats and protein compared to low levels of carbohydrates. We believe this is the best raw dog food on the market, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Raw Made Simple is a brand of dog food that comes mainly as raw ingredients – for example, you can buy 1kg of Chicken necks from them for your pooch. This is a great way of being able to control exactly what goes in your best friend rather than reading the small print of all ingredients in the food you buy – the biggest downside for this way of feeding your dog is the astronomical cost and the high pressure of making sure you are fur filling your dogs nutritional needs.  Raw Made Simple do also have a selection of ready-made meals which come in disposable bowls, so you don’t risk salmonella! Not great for the environment but very handy for feeding times. Their selection includes; venison and tripe, chicken and beef, beef and turkey and boneless lamb. They can only be ordered direct and they are delivered to your door daily!

Natural Instinct are a great online brand that deliver directly to you. They not only have a wide variety of meal choices for your pet but also have created nutritional meals built for working dogs, senior dogs and puppies. On their website, we can see a vast range of foods to keep things interesting for your dog and balanced meals built for different kinds of dogs, including puppy weaning paste and special dietary requirements. Your pooch will never get bored of the different offerings available. They also have a clever calculator on their website to advise you on how much food your dog should have based on its weight and activity levels, making a raw food diet much easier to manage.

Research suggests that our canine friends benefit the most from a raw food diet when their owners are well informed. If not managed properly, your dog will get fat, and many end up lacking very important elements of their diet such as a balanced calcium intake. It also costs a shed load more than buying large bags of dried biscuit food that lasts months and is nowhere near as convenient as picking up dog food in your weekly food shop. Below, we have popped some information on the dried food brands we would recommend for your best bud if you do decide to opt for a dry meal plan.

Wellness Core is by far one of the higher quality dry food brands on the market. It is grain free which means more focus on nutritional content rather than the bulking of meals to fill your dog up quickly. For a dry food product, it’s protein content is remarkably high at 38%. If you were to choose a dry food diet, this would be one of the most recommended brands for your dog as it also has a range available for age and activity levels.

Canidae has very high review levels especially for their Wild Salmon kibble. It is high in protein content and most reports show that dogs really enjoy it. One benefit of Canidae’s meals is not only is the protein content high but we also see an increase in fat percentages for your dog which is great progression for biscuit based foods.

Being well informed on what is available for your best friend is so important to ensure you are giving them the best quality of life – we all feel the love in their eyes when they look at you so let’s make sure they feel it too.

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