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How To Make Your Customers Happy And Loyal To Your Business.

How to make your customers happy and keep them loyal

Which business would be able to exist without customers? Let me help you with the answer: none! Every business depends on a continuous support of happy, satisfied and loyal customers. If you have noticed, once in a while, even your mobile apps ask you to leave a review. This is because the developers understand and appreciate the importance of customers’ experience; they want to know if you’re satisfied or not. As a business owner, it is greatly important to you that your customers are always happy. Happiness makes them loyal to you. And according to Simon Sinek, “Loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or price to continue doing business with you.”

This is how you can make your customers happy, and keep them loyal to your business.

1. Offer what the Ads promise

It is not nice for you to promise a service or product in your advertisements and give the customer something totally different, when they make an order. Always deliver on your promises. Nothing rattles a customer more than getting the bad end of a deal. They begin to feel they have been swindled. Give them what they asked for and they would always come back. You can even decide to offer more than you promised instead of offering less. Practice this more often with new customers and see how they keep coming back.
In “Understanding Customers”, Ruby Newell-Legner says that “it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.”
Look at how high the stakes are!

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2. Showcase great customer service.

According to this stat, 68% of customers quit because of the attitude of indifference toward them by the owner, manager or some employee. (Source: Michael LeBoeuf, “How to Win Customers and Keep them for Life”).

Treat the customer as king and try to satisfy their needs. Also remember that in business, the customer is the most important—and usually considered right, too. Going the extra mile to satisfy your customers gives them the feeling of importance and nothing satisfies them more. Do your customers leave any transaction, knowing that they are important to you? If yes, then you’ve gained their loyalty.

3. Give gifts.

Everyone loves a nice gift. No matter how small it is, the gift shows you were thinking about them. It shows that you care about bringing smiles to their faces. It goes further to show that you love them… and well, they begin to love you right back!
Your customers are humans who love to be appreciated. So once in a while, organize giveaways and promos. Some sort of “buy two (2), get one (1) free.” You could even give discounts. Customers find it thrilling and if your customers are happy, they tend to become loyal to you.

4. Build a brand they can brag about.

Beyond offering good services in the best of ways, consider building a brand your customers will love to relate to. A lot of effort goes into this, but the dividends are always worth it. This includes, but is not limited, to getting a logo. Let your online presence evoke admiration and respect. Be a brand that cares about people; be a brand that symbolizes excellence; be a brand that your customers can relate to…just be a brand they can brag about.

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5. Special greetings.

Send greetings to your customers on special occasions such as: New year, New month, public holidays, and birthdays. If your customer is to receive a customized message from your business on their birthday, that is bound to make them happy. If you do not have the birthdays of your customers, create a system to collect such data. On their birthdays, you can decide to even go a step further and gift them a discount offer on their next purchase. This warms their hearts and keeps them loyal to your business and brand.

And in case you’re still wondering why you should make your customers happy? Here’s why:

1. When your customer is satisfied with the services your business offers, naturally, they will recommend that product or service to their friends, families and, even, colleagues.
A satisfied customer is an effective marketer and can metamorphose into a brand representative. Because humans love to associate with quality and goodness, your happy customer goes all out to publicize what you do.

The same publicity happens when they’re not satisfied. Only that this time, it is such a negative one that can even ruin your business. Because when one customer leaves your business dissatisfied, you don’t just lose one customer, but the tens of others they would have referred to you.

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2. Once you have succeeded in building a strong base of satisfied and loyal customers, you gain an edge in the competitive market space. Even if your competitors slash the prices of their products and services, your very loyal customers will stick to you. Remember Simon Sinek’s definition of loyalty we gave at the beginning of this article? See this stat: 89% of consumers began doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience.

3. There is no better person to give honest reviews about your business than customers who love, and are loyal to you. These ones are committed to your improvement. And because your business has become one they’ve made themselves its representatives, they genuinely care and so, they constantly give reviews that gear towards making you better. And once you are better, you gain other loyal customers. It’s such a beautiful cycle.

Concluding with the words of Neil Patel, “building a loyalty program designed to create raving fans is like drafting your best customers into a miniature marketing army—an army made up of devoted brand ambassadors who happily work around-the clock to get you more customers.”

It is important that your customers feel appreciated, and that they receive quality service at all times, because without them, you would have no business.

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