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How to Secure A Visa to Any Country In 2020

You cannot travel to most countries in the world if you do not have their visa. The visa is what grants you legal access to the country. When a country’s consulate issues you a visa, it is like giving you the approval to come into their country. By giving you a visa, they are extending a warm handshake, which says, ‘you are welcome to mingle with us!’ But how do you gain that approval? How do you secure a visa to any country?

In this article, I will be showing you factors that might lead to a visa denial and the steps you should take to secure a visa to any country of your choice.


Certain factors might hinder you from gaining a visa, so you should take the necessary precautions as you begin the visa application. Here is a list of what might cause a problem.

  1. Your legal background
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Most countries will deny your visa if you are an ex-convict or are currently engaged in a known crime.

  1. Your documentation

If you have a damaged or invalid passport, are unable to prove the sustainability of your means of income, present a fake birth (or marriage) certificate, and are unable to provide proof of accommodation, your application might be denied. Therefore, you must make the authentic copies of all official documents available. Be on the right side of the law.


The record of places you have traveled to plays a role in the securing of your visa. The importance is placed on whether your passport bears any entry/exit stamp or visa endorsement. If your passport is ‘new’—you have not traveled to any country— it means that you have no previous immigration record that can ‘vouch for you,’ and this might make the embassies reluctant. This follows from a general belief that getting the first visa endorsement on a new passport is hard.

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To ease the application process, do not apply for a tourist visa on a new passport. What you can do is have a friend or family member issue you a letter of invitation, or you can apply to attend a conference or training. It is also widely acclaimed that a study visa application draws more favor than a tourist visa. However, as you build a record of visits to other countries, this factor no longer counts.


Now that you have taken note of the above, you are ready to begin your visa application.

  • From your favorite browser, search for the official government immigration website of the country you wish to visit.
  • Read through the requirements and then carefully fill out the visa application form. There might be provision for you to send the form by electronic means, or you might be required to mail it. After that, provide the necessary documents. The documents include your valid passport, photograph, receipts to prove you have paid all the visa fees, travel itinerary, proof of paid visa fee, and proof of financial means. The consulate will provide you with a detailed list of all that is required from you.
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After processing your application and your visa is approved, the embassy will send you an update.

If the entire application process looks burdensome to you, you may enlist the services of trusted travel agencies. This might mean extra expenses, but the right ones ensure you get value for your money.

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