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How To Start A Lucrative Fast Food Restaurant Business In NIGERIA

How to start a lucrative fast food restaurant business in Nigeria
The question about whether it is profitable to start a fast food business is one that needs no further repetition. People will always get hungry and as such, there would always be need for food. Some enterprising young (and not-so young) people who have come to the understanding of this fact have begun to put in the work to make their fast food businesses grow. The level or unemployment in the country also makes it necessary that you seek out means of engaging yourself profitably. And beyond that, the fast paced nature of our society, has made it increasingly difficult for more and more people to cook their own meals; making them depend wholly (or partly) on fast foods. If you have been thinking about starting a fast food restaurant, this article will help you know how to start one that will be profitable.

How to start a lucrative fast food restaurant business in NIGERIA

1. Capital

Every business requires a start-up capital. Whether you’re starting your own business from the scratch or you’re buying a franchise, you would need to make financial investments. This could be sourced from your personal savings or you could borrow from family and friends. There is also the option of taking a bank loan. With a well detailed business plan, it might be possible for you to secure an interested investor (or investors).

2. Location

In selecting a place to site the business, make sure that it is located at the heart of the neighborhood. Choose a place where the hustling and bustling is at its peak. This is to ensure that you are well positioned to attract lots of customers. Campuses, market places, garages, industrial layouts, are examples of places that generate good human traffic.

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You might also consider having a stand-by security personnel to open and close doors for customers. As the first person your customers meet and the last contact they make, encourage them to always attend to them cheerfully. This leaves customers happy and feeling at home. The presence of security personnel equally gives your customers that assurance that your location is safe.

3. Furnishings

Light up the restaurant. Use warm paintings to liven up the place. Get comfortable chairs; you don’t want your customers to feel uneasy as they sit down to eat—this could discourage them from returning. Buy beautiful and suitable wall art pieces. Make sure the place is well ventilated and have a working and reliable cooling system.

4. Menu

Have a diversified menu that caters to the needs of people in your locale. It is also important that you hire a good chef—this is in the case where you won’t be doing the cooking yourself. It’s not enough to have a beautiful restaurant that is situated in a good place. Having the right, and tasty, meals are way more important. So, make sure that your meals are of superb standard. This is the only way you have your customers coming back.

5. Have a team of workers

There is no way you would be able to attend to all of your customers by yourself. Even if you could stretch yourself thin, and manage to do this during start up, as the business grows and expands, you would need to hire more workers. It is also important that you are very selective during this process. Only employ efficient and capable hands. And ensure that their appearance is equally pleasing to the customer’s eyes—they shouldn’t dress shabbily.

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6. Maintain good customer service

Knowing that your business is a people-dependent one, it is wisdom to treat every one of your customer as royalty. Avoid displaying bad manners and poor customer etiquette as they have a way of pursuing your customers. Nothing kills this business faster than a bad review from a customer. Under no condition should you (or any of your employees) use abusive or swear words on your customers. See every customer as the valuable person they are, and treat them as such. The saying, ‘the customer is always right’ should be your mantra.

7. Stay trendy—provide good entertainment

Ensure that you have a wall-mounted plasma television. This serves to keep your customers entertained. Vary the TV display to suit your customer’s needs and also meet the moving trends in the country. It may not be wise to set the station to show seasonal movies during election periods when everyone is curious to know the election results. There is no hard and fast rule to what you decide to display; only make sure it’s something that your customers find entertaining. If you are at loss about what works for them, you might consider running a small survey to find out. Know that the longer they stay, the greater their chances of them ordering more. You can also invest in a good sound system that serenades the environment with calm music on busy mornings. The goal is to know what works for your business.

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8. Run a delivery Service

Make it possible for customers to call in and place their daily orders and have it delivered to them on time. This is the recent innovation in the fast food business. Restaurants no longer wait till their customers walk in through the front door, to serve them. They now package the food and deliver it to them. This service benefits bankers and corporate entities the most. Remember to ensure that the quality of the meals delivered, is of the same high quality as the one they enjoy in the restaurants.

9. Make it legal; register your business

Do not forget to register your fast food business. You can either decide to register as a business enterprise or as a limited liability company with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). It is also important that you register your business with the association of fast food and confectioners of Nigeria (AFFCON).

A fast food restaurant business is a profitable venture and we believe this article has armed you with what you need to know to make a success out of yours.

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