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Interview Tips That Will Get You Hired Quickly

In today’s job market, more people are competing for career roles in high-end positions, so you need to know the things to avoid during a job interview. To get the job position you dream of, you need to be ready. Do some research so you know what to expect at a job interview. Learn about the company and what they do. The internet is the perfect tool at your fingertips, use it well before you go for the interview. Discover if the company has a website and how long they have been operating as a business. This will stand you in good stead for the day of your interview. Find out about the company’s culture, careful research displays to the interviewer that you have taken the time to prepare for the job. Remember that many will be interviewed for the role, but only one or two will inevitably get the job. Therefore, you need to be ahead of the competition.

Things To Avoid During A Job Interview – What Not To Wear

Do not go to your interview without knowing what to wear first. Every part of your interview should be researched first and this includes the type of clothing to wear. Choose to wear clothes to fit the type of role you are applying for. Try to wear something smart and do not wear anything skimpy unless your job calls for it. Most employers do not like their employees smothered in make-up, unless you are applying for a job like a croupier at a casino, part of a film crew or a showgirl, for example. If you are applying for a catering job, wear your hair back if it is long to show that you understand the importance of health and hygiene. If you are applying for a role like a teacher or a nursery nurse wear something more colorful, but keep in mind that it is still important to be smart.

Be Prepared.

Things to avoid during a job interview are factors like not having enough copies of your resume to give to the prospective employer. Take a copy of references and some ID with you as your employer might ask to see it. It helps to have questions ready to ask the employer and this shows you have done the research. This is where finding out about the company will help and the length of time they have been in business. Being prepared shows the interviewer that you will work hard and are ready to start working with the organization.

If you need help finding questions then use the internet to your advantage so you know what to expect during a job interview. Anyone who comes prepared for the interview is serious about the job or they would not have gone to the effort of researching it.

How Early Should You Be For A Job Interview?

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Being on time for the interview is vital. Arriving late for an interview looks as though you are not serious about the job. Prepare your journey and look at the quickest ways of getting there. Of course, things happen that cannot be avoided like delays in traffic, but if you leave plenty of time to get there then you should arrive early or on time. On the other hand, don’t arrive too early as this could give the wrong impression too. Check whether there are any cafe’s in your work area, if you are early, take a breather and have a coffee. You should aim to get to the building 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your interview.

What to expect at a job interview.

Questions The Interviewer Will Most Likely Ask.

  • Can you tell me something about yourself, your interests, what made you apply for this job?
  • What are your strengths and why are you most suited for this role?
  • Tell me about your weaknesses?
  • Why should I employ you?
  • Where do you want to be in the next five years?
  • What makes you want to work for our company?
  • What is your expected salary?
  • Are you a good team player?
  • Do you have any questions?

How to behave in a job interview.

Going to a job interview is very important, but there are certain ways you should behave in an interview and things you should say that will increase the chances of getting that perfect job.

When you go for a job interview you are going to be a bit nervous and a small amount of nerves is a good thing, but not if they prevent you from being yourself. The interviewer needs to see what type of person you are and that you can handle the pressure.

Show that you are enthusiastic about the position, talk about how your hobbies and other interests in life have brought you into the type of work you are applying for. Even if you are feeling nervous, show confidence in the way that you speak. Take your time to speak and verbalize slowly, but clearly.

Show that you know how to listen. Listening is important, if not more important than talking. If you are applying to be a counselor it is always about listening to the person and not telling them your story. When listening use all the listening techniques like; body language, paraphrasing, asking questions if you are unsure of anything, and looking into the interviewer’s eyes as you talk. Nod your head, show that you are interested in what the interviewer is saying by giving eye contact back. Someone who exudes confidence has correct posture, they are not hunched up or shaking with nerves. Furthermore, do not interrupt when the interviewer is speaking and make sure you answer the correct question asked.

10 Things To Avoid Doing In A Job Interview.

  • Do not chew gum
  • Use proper language, not swear words
  • Try not to panic, but tune into your inner Zen
  • Wear smart clothing that reflects the work you are going to do
  • Listen to the interviewer and do not talk over them
  • Adopt a ready to learn approach for anything you are unsure of
  • Show that you can work as an individual as well as part of a team
  • Be friendly, use eye contact and shake the interviewer’s hand
  • Try not to fidget as this shows that you are nervous and cannot cope well under pressure
  • Answer open-ended questions with open-ended answers.

To conclude, going for an interview is a frightening experience, especially if it is the first one you have been to for a while. Even if you don’t get the job on your first interview you will still have learned some interview skills that will come in useful for the future. The next interview you go to you will feel more confident. Use each interview as a learning experience that will help you improve as a person. Perhaps this job wasn’t meant to be, but in the future, maybe somewhere around the corner, lies your perfect opportunity to shine.

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