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Leading Universities In Canada

Best Universities in Canada

It can be difficult when you want to go to university, but don’t know which one to go for, perhaps you wonder what the best universities in Canada are. This article helps to explain the different types of university option available to you. Canada is a popular place to study with many top universities. The district of Canada is bright, breath-taking and beautiful. It is home to some serene sights and is amongst the world’s best 100 universities. America is slowly becoming a country that lacks luster due to tight government restrictions and the hard to get H-1B. Therefore, Canada is becoming increasingly popular amongst students who wish to complete their studies there.

Canada is a viable option for university students since it provides a wide choice of universities, but it can be difficult to know which one to choose, especially because there are so many. This article has narrowed the choice down to the best universities in Canada to help you on your way to becoming the person you want to be.

The University Of Toronto

The university of Toronto was originally ruled by the Church of England, this was the first university in ‘Upper Canada’ similar to some of the top universities in the United Kingdom. The university has 7 colleges steeped in historic culture and is one of the best universities in Canada.

The University of Toronto has accomplished many notable achievements. In fact, it gained the honor of being Canada’s very first academic publishing house and the first Canadian university to have claimed over one billion dollars in revenue.

Significant educational movements started at the University of Toronto, including stem cell treatment research, computer science and scholarly review.

The university has many historical architecture sights and courtyards that make this university one of the finest in the district of Canada. There are over 700 undergraduate and 200 postgraduate degrees available and it is one of the best universities for medical science.

There are 10 notable people who have graduated from here including writers and Canadian prime ministers.

University Of British Columbia


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This university is one of the oldest in the area with two campuses in Vancouver and Kelowna. The primary campus is situated beside beautiful beaches and has picturesque scenery of the North Shore mountain range. There are also beautiful botanical and memorial gardens on site as well as a well known performing arts studio.

There are numerous scholarships for hard working students who achieve the highest grades. The university also provides people from war torn countries the Donald A. Wehrung scholarship.

The university has seen eight Nobel prize winners achieve their dreams, 71 Rhodes scholars and 65 Olympic medalist. The laboratory is home of the biggest cyclotron- a special kind of particle accelerator.On the Vancouver campus, there are twelve faculties and 7 more at the Kelowna campus. Students can also apply for an undergraduate course with Sciences Po in France.

Queen’s University

Queen’s university is situated in Kingston, Ontario. It is Canada’s ultimate cultural adventure. The university challenge students to think differently and learn in new ways. They expose students to creative concepts, new ideas and new learning methods.

The university provides students with a friendly, warm environment where they can grow and learn. Home of six libraries, museums, art studios and a 80,000 square foot performing arts theatre. Its building is crafted from limestone and nicknamed ‘Limestone City’. Students can enjoy a busier downtown area where they can socialize only 10 minutes from campus.

Kingston has 21 historical sites and is a busy university town with over 30,000 students.

University of Calgary

The university is bold, vibrant and alive, It encourages students to embrace change and grasp every opportunity with a positive mind set. The university is set in one of Canada’s most adventurous cities.

Four campuses are spread across Calgary and the university enrolls around 34,000 students in degree programs each year. A new learning experience is provided for students addressing Canada’s most pressing problems. The university is transparent in its strategic pattern and the university involves the local community where it serves and leads.

UCalgary provides over 250 educational programs with 14 faculties across the country. It encourages students to take part in their own growth and education by completing voluntary, work and research that offer a global perspective.

McGill University

This university is situated in Montréal and is the study place of over 150 countries worldwide. They stand out as a leader in universities specializing in social sciences and humanities funding.

There are plenty of courses available from counseling to accountancy. The university attract the most PhD students compared with other universities in the district of Canada. Perhaps the reason the university is so popular is due to its 50 research centers and educational establishments offering over 400 courses, steeped in history and popular alumni network. Students graduating from McGill are highly desired.

McMaster University


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This university is situated in Hamilton  home to 100 wonderful waterfalls and some humble hiking trails. The university is often at the top of the list for Canada’s research intensive university. A look at the courses offered here includes; computer science, cooking, engineering, nursing, music and social sciences to name a few.

McMaster university uses unique approaches to education with its 129 year history. They understand what works and what doesn’t. Students work towards educational certification, diploma and degrees whilst advancing their career path.

McMaster have a massive 200 educational programs available and can plan their own learning timetable. Students can study online or offline depending on their needs as courses are flexible.

The university is just one hours drive from Toronto. An hour flight from central American states and is situated in the center of the most multicultural, modern and bright places in North America.

The university offers over 70 research based centers and establishments and has gained respect for solving the major problems in the world today.

Hopefully this article has helped show you the types of university in the district of Canada so that you can make an informed decision. The best universities in Canada are always worth considering because they will have tutors that follow a standard of excellence. Choose wisely because your chosen course could take years to complete so you will be staying at that university for a long time unless you request a transfer at a later date. Do some research and find out what university has the course you are looking for and the right educational plan. Good luck with your studies and success in the future.

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