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Legal Expert/Diplomatic Analyst Job At The Belgian embassy

Legal expert /diplomatic analyst

Job Type: Full Time

Qualification/Certification: MBA/MSc/MA

Work Experience: 5 – 15 years

City/Location: Abuja

Field: Law

The legal expert/diplomatic analyst will work under the direct supervision of the Consul and the Ambassador to the Belgian Embassy in Nigeria, and function:

As a legal expert:

Proceed to prepare and review files with legal implications (consular affairs, general relations, and personnel reports, public procurement, etc.) to assist the post in the best and consistent implementation of Belgian, local, and international private law principles.

Act as a focal point for reacting to or presenting guidance and action lines in the legal files

  • Collect all relevant documents for the review of a case
  • Check (e.g., on-the-spot) materials provided by local authorities or other third parties
  • Read and interpret documents in a case, draw conclusions and express opinions
  • Check legal texts (including doctrine and case law) to support investigations
  • Draft briefing notes, findings and legal reasons for the preparation of the file (maybe in collaboration with lawyers dealing with the case)
  • Review of the rules on public procurement for the post (works, acquisitions of goods and services, etc.) and the drawing up or helping to draw up requirements in conjunction with the application
  • Explain rules and answer questions of colleagues at the Embassy, at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or third parties invited by the Ambassador (Note: on no account serve as legal counsel concerning third parties)
  • Identify best practices and recommend practical and appropriate alternatives for the Embassy and/or for a third party.
  • Propose reliable and recorded advice reactively or constructively for any legal matter or problem/controversy
  • Evaluate if beginning legal proceedings would be advisable.
  • Guide public procurement where appropriate (questions on the desirability, a form of acquisition, contract writing, legal implications, disputes, etc.)
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As a diplomatic analyst

Scan, compile, archive, translate and review the relevant information, if necessary, permanently, obtained by all available means to track developments in the fields of operation or interest of the Embassy and acquire or enhance expertise in these areas.

Ensure that the files entrusted are followed up daily to help define Belgium’s role and protect its place in Nigeria and to help defend the interests of Belgium, its nationals, and, where necessary, its partners connected to the files processed.

  • Follow up on current happenings in Nigeria, in particular by reading relevant media and participating in meetings, interviews, conferences, and receptions.
  • Write summaries or reports and review them for inclusion in the files using information from different sources to draw consistent conclusions and suggest possible decisions or actions, taking into account the various options.
  • Gather various main elements as a whole, analyze them and create specific ties between source information and different content
  • Deliver the results of the analysis to colleagues and the Ambassador.

As a “knowledge manager”:

Research, compile and review permanently the applicable general law and other material of particular interest to the Embassy to monitor new developments, gain and/or improve expertise to assist the Embassy in the handling of all diplomatic and legal files.

  • Consult specialist literature, perform research, and follow up on the latest developments in the fields of law, which are of particular interest to the Embassy and prepare reports and/or summary notes on any subject aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Embassy to deal with legal matters.
  • Keep country sheets, consular orders, local law records, lists of relevant contacts, and/or any other relevant databases.
  • Searching, gathering and archiving the relevant information contained openly: in the media; through informal or formal, internal and external contact points; online; in national and international reports, in the work of international organizations, in discussion fora, etc.
  • Attend internal/external meetings, symposia/events and/or study days, conferences, etc. arranged by third parties to extend the network of contacts of the Embassy and collect valuable information in areas of particular interest to the Embassy
  • Contribute to the drafting and frequent updating of the periodic reports of the Embassy for the sections related to those papers.

Key Competencies and Required Skills:

  • Be willing to work as a team: contribute to a positive team spirit and the environment in the workplace by exchanging ideas and valuable knowledge, listening to others’ views, engaging in the activities of the company, being prepared to support either spontaneously or on request and integrating talents, preventing and resolving disputes.
  • Be customer-oriented (internal and external users): prioritize user needs (internal and external) and provide quick, responsive, personalized, productive customer (with the necessary accountability and integrity) and create positive contacts.
  • Show respect: Be respectful to others and be open to their views, ideas, and differences, whether cultural or otherwise. Accept procedures and guidance as per yourself and others.
  • Be loyal/ trustworthy/reliable/: act honestly, respect ethical values like confidentiality and honesty, respect your responsibilities, and avoid any sort of prejudice, in accordance with the requirements of the job.
  • Evolve/Be versatile: Develop an adaptable mindset, respond to changes in various circumstances. Be resourceful in terms of the assigned responsibilities and duties, working hours, and the place of work if necessary.
  • Be willing to improve yourself: actively strive to advance in your job and take steps, if necessary, to learn new skills according to the resources available.
  • Invest to achieve your objectives: Be active, do your best, and demonstrate your commitment to achieving your goals and service and/or post goals. Be responsible for the consistency of the jobs performed.

Educational and professional requirements

  • A Master’s degree in law or any related field is a necessary
  • Professional or study experience abroad is a valuable asset.
  • Proven expertise in foreign relations and other diplomatic topics is a must (participation at conferences, publications, additional degrees, and/or qualifications in the appropriate pieces of training, etc.).
  • Minimum of five years of proper experience in a similar position
  • Speak, write, and read fluently in English. Language abilities need to be tested.
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Powerpoint experience are essential.
  • Knowledge of either Dutch or French is a valuable asset.


The gross monthly wage is 801,209 naira, housing, and transport allowance is 35,582 naira; pension contribution of 8 percent is withheld; medical expenses approved are reimbursable at 90 percent.

Application Method

Interested applicants MUST adhere to the following, or the application will be dismissed:

  • Only electronic applications submitted in 1 email (containing the letter of application, CV and accompanying documentation) will be accepted
  • The current resume or curriculum vitae must include the details needed.
  • Specific documents must support/present the conditions mentioned above (e.g., Degrees, Certificates, Transcripts, etc.)
  • The letter of appointment should be type-written and signed, apply explicitly to this role, and discuss the minimum requirements as advertised.
  • Electronic submissions greater than 5 MB are not allowed. Please send attachments ONLY, in PDF and Doc formats NOT images.
  • Emails without the appropriate subject line will not be accepted, and incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • Send the application to: no later than Wednesday, May 20.


  • There will be a dismissal of mailed applications in paper/hard copies, and applications should be forwarded to no other email address other than
  • All applicants who are not residents must have the work and residency permits necessary to apply for consideration.
  • Only approved applicants will be contacted considering the high volume of applications received.
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