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NDLEA Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Details

NDLEA Recruitment 2020/2021 Application – The NDLEA has announced the opening of its portal for recruitment for available positions.

General Requirements For NDLEA Recruitment 2020/2021

Interested candidates are advised to read this article carefully for successful completion of the application process.

  • All applicants are advised to use only forms provided by the NDLEA
  • Candidates must be able to read and write and must possess such educational qualifications as specified below for the position.
  • Candidate must be certified physically and mentally fit for employment by a medical officer from a Government Hospital.
  • Candidates must be of good character and have no record of a felon.
  • All prospective candidates must be free from any kind of financial debt.
  • Candidates must provide two referee forms to be filled by two (2) persons of reputable standing in the society.
  • Successful candidates should be ready to fill further vetting forms.
  • All successful candidates will be subjected to random illicit drug use test throughout their service in the Agency.
  • Only shortlisted applicants shall be invited for further examination and interview.
  • N.B: Candidate applying as Lawyer and Doctor must possess Professional Certificates in the relevant field.
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Interested Candidates Should Take Note

All applicants must have a valid identification means (Voters card, Driving license or international passport.) Candidates are also encouraged to provide meaningful CVs and educational certificates.

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How to Apply

To apply, visit the NDLEA Portal and follow the instructions as stated above.

Bookmark this page regular updates on the NDLEA Recruitment.

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