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How To Get A Canada Visa Quickly

Easy ways to relocate from Nigeria to Canada

Migration is an act deeply wired within the social brain of humans. We always want to go to the next town, to visit the next city, to travel to the next country, and to even tour the world. On whatever side of the divide we are, we are always curious to know what lies on the other side. Nigerians are not excluded from this desire, we also want to visit other countries—most especially, those better developed than ours. Of recent, there has arisen a social wave to relocate to Canada. Yes, you want to begin life in the ‘maple leaf’ country, but how do you get there?

In this article, we’ll be showing you the easiest ways to relocate.

1. Check whether you are eligible.

Before you go continue on your plans to move to Canada, it is very important that you check your eligibility. You may not be allowed to immigrate for one of many reasons. And the reasons include:

  • Human or international rights violations.
  • Existing criminal record.
  • Health challenges.
  • Financial reasons.
  • Misrepresentation.
  • Non-compliance with IRPA (Immigration Refugee Protection Act).
  • And having an inadmissible family member.

2. Begin to gather your important documents before you move

When you move, you will need to have certain official documents with you in order to gain entry to Canada. You’ll need:

  • A Canadian immigrant visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence for each family member traveling with you.
  • Valid passport or other travel documents for each family member traveling with you.
  • Two (2) copies of a detailed list of all the personal or household items you are bringing with you.
  • Two (2) copies of a list of items that are arriving later and their money value.
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This is in the case where you are traveling with an immigrant visa not a student or visit visa.

3. Choose the application that is most relevant to your situation to apply for your visa. It could be any of the following:

  • Fast Track Worker Program

The Fast Track Work Program is a comprehensive relocation program that enables you to migrate to Canada with your immediate family. And it is one of the easy ways to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. The entire process takes about 6 to 9 months to complete. Interestingly, all applicants of this program will get work permits for entry into Canada along with their family dependent.

To qualify for the Canadian Fast Track worker program, you need to be skilled in any of the following areas as:

  • truck drivers.
  • welders.
  • machinist.
  • boilermakers.
  • sheet metal work.
  • glaziers.
  • pipefitters.
  • mechanics.
  • plasterers.
  • drywalls installer.
  • carpenters.
  • cabinet makers.
  • bricklayers.
  • stone makers.
  • automotive mechanics.

Once you relocate under this program, you can easily get full-time employment in the respective Canadian industry.

Getting a study Visa is also among the easy ways to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. As a young person, if you plan on relocating to Canada from Nigeria, you can easily do that via a student Visa. Afterwards, you can start to work for your permanent residence or work permit visa.

  • Work Permit With Job Offer

The Work Permit is equally among the easy ways to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. If you are a university graduate with skills in certain areas, migration to Canada has been made very easy for you.

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However, note that applicants must get a Canadian job before they can start applying for a work permit. This leads us to the major challenges applicants usually face when trying to do the migration.

  • challenge 1: as an applicant, you have to ensure you convince a Canadian employer to decide to give you a job instead of giving it to a Canadian citizen or another immigrant with permanent residence.
  • challenge 2: your employer has to also convince the Human Resources Department in Canada, that they must hire a foreign worker as no Canadian can do the job. This is usually the more difficult of the two challenges.

If you, and your employer, are able to surmount these challenges, there’s not so much stopping your migration.

  • Sponsorship From Spouse

Another easy way to migrate to Canada from Nigeria is Spousal Sponsorship. Provided that you have a spouse living in Canada, it is very easy for you to relocate there But sadly, due to the recent marital fraud being committed by immigrants, the immigration authority now does a thorough check before accepting people on the basis of spousal sponsorship.
However, if you are legally married, this will not be a challenge at all. Because all of the background checks and verification will confirm both of you are a couple.

Interestingly, after relocating to Canada on the basis of spousal sponsorship, IRCC will still check the genuineness of your relationship after two years. So, make sure you are genuine about your claims.

  • Visitor Visa/Temporary Visa
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The temporary (or visitor) Visa is also among the easy ways to migrate to Canada from Nigeria. The end game is that once you have gotten there with your temporary Visa, you can start processing your Permanent Residence or work permit. I’m sure you agree that this is a good deal.

But before you begin to think about getting one, look at the basic requirements for Canadian visitor/ temporary Visa:

  • As a Nigerian, it is required that you have a Nigerian Passport.
  • You must be in good health condition and this is to be certified by a medical expert.
  • You must have a clean criminal record without immigration-related issues. (They don’t want trouble in their land).
  • You must also be able to convince the immigration officer that you have a good job that is bringing you back to Nigeria.
  • You should also be able to convince an immigration officer that you are leaving Canada immediately the period elapsed. (You are there for a visit, after all).
  • And most importantly, you need to have enough money in your account to finance your trip.

Note: Despite the fact that Canada offers free health insurance to residents and citizens, you will need to purchase private health insurance to ensure coverage for up to three months after you first arrive in Canada. Your providers will vary depending on your province.

You can now see that it’s not difficult to relocate to Canada, after all.

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