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Quickest Way to Get Bank Statements for Visa Application

Before your visa application is approved, the country’s embassy needs to confirm that you have the financial capability to take care of yourself. This capability is confirmed by the statement of account you present during your visa application. This is generated by your bank. You are qualified if the closing balance on the account covers your travel costs with at least a little surplus.


You may submit an unacceptable bank statement, but you don’t want to do that. Therefore, as you generate your statement of account, you should take note of these:

  1. If your bank statement is not in English, you should provide a translation by a certified translator. The translator is also required to append their signature to confirm that the information provided is the accurate translation of the original documents.
  2. The name that appears in your statement of account must be the same as the name on your visa application. The name should also follow the same sequence of arrangement. This means that as you process your bank statement, you should be careful to ensure uniformity.
  3. If you are using the bank statement of your parents, you’ll be required to provide your birth certificate as proof that you are a relative. Your parents will also be required to approve that they’ll be sponsoring you.
  4. The bank statement must not exceed 3–6 months.
  5. The bank statement of account should show at least 3 months of transactions deposits and withdrawals and should not be printed earlier than one month before your visa application.
  6. Ensure that there is no irregular inflow of money into your account within the period covered by your bank statement. This is something familiar amongst most people, and this is because the bank statement proves your financial capability. This makes some people lodge funds into the account towards that purpose. However, this might cause the consulate to frown upon your visa application.
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Your bank statement should support your employment records and prove that your existing balance is possible with the salary you are earning.  In the case where you have other sources of income, you should also state that clearly, as that should explain any huge (abnormal) deposit into your account.


To obtain your bank statement, consult the customer care service of your bank and request your bank statements. Ensure that your name and account details are printed upon each page.

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Note that your bank statement of account can be verified by the consulate if need be, so ensure you present the authentic statement of account. It is also better if you have the bank put an official stamp on the documents. 

EXTRA TIP: You can also present the bank statement of a sponsor. Your sponsor could either be a spouse, parent, or employer. In this case, you will be required to provide supporting documentation to prove your relationship with them. For instance, in the case of a spouse, you will be required to provide a marriage certificate. While in the case of an employer, you will be required to provide your letter of appointment and proof that you have been receiving a salary from the said employer. It doesn’t take a great deal to get a bank statement for your visa application. However, ensure that you follow the necessary guidelines.

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