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Ways To Celebrate Birthdays With Loved Ones

Ways to celebrate birthdays with loved ones

Although birthdays are a once-in-a-year kind of celebrations, the good memories of that day last so much longer than one week. People do not easily forget the events that happened on their birthdays, whether good or bad. This is why you should consider making that day a memorable one for your loved ones. And in this article, we’d be sharing with you, ideas on some ways you can choose to celebrate this special day with them.

1. Take Them Out To Their Favorite Hangout.

It’s their birthday and it’s either they’re very excited about the events of the day, or it’s just another working day for them—one with no much anticipation. Whatever the case may be, choose to add a little spice to the day for them. Get them to dress up later in the evening, and go give them a treat at their favorite hangout location. Whether it’s a place by the beach side or a rowdy bar, spend time and have fun with them. And don’t forget… the bill should be on you; it’s a treat after all.
You could also go see movies.

2. Cook A Special Meal.

If it will make them happy, and leave a lasting impression on their thoughts, then you might want to cook them a special meal. It’s a thoughtful act that shows that you care, and that you want them to enjoy their day. Imagine them coming back at the end of the day to the aroma-filled house and finding out that what’s on the menu is a well-planned, well-cooked delicious meal. Imagine their face light up in glee. You would have to agree that it’d definitely be worth the labor put in.

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3. Wake Them Up With a Lovely Birthday Praise.

If you are not separated by distance, wake them with the traditional ‘happy birthday’ song and go a step further and be creative about it; sing them words of praise. Let them wake with words that will set the tone for the rest of the day for them. Birthdays are usually a compulsory time of reflection and assessment, let your words assure them that they’re making progress with their lives. If distance is a barrier, you can also find a way to improvise. You could give them a call that morning,, and sing the birthday praise. You may take the previous day to thoughtfully prepare what you want to say so it doesn’t sound like another set of generalized words picked off the internet.

4. Make A Video, or a write a note, telling them about how much you value them.

In addition to singing their praises, if you so wish, you can even get more creative and spontaneous by making a video and expressing how much they mean to you. Birthdays are not the only days you should reassure them of their worth to you, but it’s a good opportunity. Tell them how much you love them, how much your life is being made better because they are in it, and how much you value and treasure them. It mustn’t be a video; if you feel that you express yourself better in writing, don’t be shy to drop a note.

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5. Take Them Somewhere Cosy And Quiet And Have Them Talk About Their Future Plans and Dreams.

Knowing that birthdays are a time of compulsory stock-taking, grant them expression by offering to listen. Take them someplace quiet, and ask them about their plans for the years ahead. Get them to relax and talk about their faith and fears, and listen. And at the end, get them to also come up with actionable plans and promise to support them. Don’t be quick to make comments and suggestions; rather, let them talk freely. Let them know that they have a friend, confidant, and a support base, in you.

6. Wrap Their Preferred Gift Item And Give To Them.

What is a birthday without a wrapped birthday gift? It’s almost part of the tradition. Haha. Let the birthday gift be something that they need and will cherish. You can indirectly ask them what gift item they’d love, if you don’t know. In addition to buying gifts for them, you can also decide to buy them that one thing you see that they need; it doesn’t have to be something so grandiose, it could be a new pair of socks, or a tie. Let your gifts be thoughtful.

7. Pray For Them.

If you are a believer, then the day should not end without you praying for them. Beyond the gifts and the well-planned outings, also make out time to pray for them. Lift them before God and ask for His blessing and guidance, for the new phase of their life. Hearing this heartfelt prayer that shows care and love, elevates their spirit. There is also a measure of peace that comes from trusting God to take care of your future; this peace, is the greatest birthday gift and praying brings about that.

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In addition to all that we have mentioned, you can also take a picture of them when they’re at their happiest that day, or have someone help you with that if you’re not close, frame it and gift it to them. Not only will it bring more smiles to their face at that moment, it will also cheer up them up when they go through challenging days. Sometimes, it’s the little acts that matter the most.

The drive behind whatever you decide to do is your desire to make that once-in-a year day a memorable one for them. It’s a chance to show that you care, and wish to make their lives happier.

Finally, if you realize that they treasure birthdays a whole lot, then, do all you can not to ever forget the date. You can set a reminder if need be.

How did you usually celebrate birthdays with your loved ones? Which of these ones are you eager to try next?

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