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What Makes A Good School?

Article talks about What makes a school a good choice.

Merriam Webster defines a school as an organization that provides instruction; an institution for the teaching of children. Therefore, schools prove to be very vital in the total building up of a child, and the society at large—as children form an integral part of the society. And any failure with the students becomes a societal problem. Seeing that such great responsibility lies on the school, it becomes necessary that every of these educational institutions measure up to their responsibilities.

What are the core responsibilities? What sets any of these educational institutions apart from the other? What factors make one school rank higher than the other? Again, what makes a school good?

1. A good school has students who look forward to each morning.

When you walk into the school environment in the morning hours when children are dropped off by their parents, and school buses and their faces wear a gleam of happiness and they move around in enthusiastic strides, you automatically know that they are happy to be there. A good school is one whose faculty has put in the work necessary, to make it a haven for the students. Students that are happy about their school also look for ways to make it better; they pick the trash from the playground and they don’t smear the walls with dirt. This is their comfortable spot and they work to protect it. They are equally invested in its betterment.

2. A good school prides in having dedicated teachers who love their work.

The school has a team of teachers that value their roles as instructors and character molders, and go ahead to give their best to their work. When the teachers gives their best, the students’ educational life is made so much better.

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3. A good school challenges the teachers to growth and doesn’t wear them out.

Every school management goes out of its way to employ the best of the teachers. It’s also their responsibility to make sure that these teachers keep growing and getting better at their jobs. It does this by organizing seminars and workshops that aim at accomplishing this. And while it designs programs to keep the teachers at their best, a good school doesn’t wear them out with drudgery.

4. A good school follows the standard curriculum.

The education board drafts out school curriculum as it suits the region, this curriculum is strictly followed by good schools. The faculty doesn’t go ahead to do their own things, to the detriment of the students.

5. A good school appreciates the place of discipline.

Students are not allowed to live their lives carelessly. There are laid down rules and regulations that guide actions and in the case of non-compliance, they are reprimanded statutorily. A good school does not shy away from disciplining the students as it understands its importance in character formation.

6. A good school provides customized learning experience for each student.

Every student learns at a different pace and under varying learning conditions. It therefore becomes important that the school faculty takes this into consideration. Apart from having a good teacher-student ratio, a good school ensures that the students learn under conditions best suited to them. This means that there are also provisions for special students.

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7. A good school boasts of progressive leadership who exercise foresight.

They think into the future and begin to work towards tackling foreseeable challenges; and it works to impart such leadership traits in the lives of the students by creating avenues for them to exercise themselves.

8. A good school adapts to changes in trends and readjust its activities to suit the current age and time.

It is flexible in approach and organization. It continuously includes relevant modern knowledge into its curriculum. It involves external facilitators to help out where it finds itself lacking.

9. A good school promotes a communal spirit where the teachers and students view themselves as parts of a whole.

Therefore, they work together towards the accomplishment of a select goal. Under this environment, it is easier for the students to learn, and also easier for the teachers to communicate lovingly to the students.

10. A good school is free of cultural demarcations—such as racism, tribalism, religion—that bring about divisions.

There is no preference to anyone from a select gender, tribe, race, religion or economic background. In the spirit of oneness that fosters unity, every student and member of the faculty is treated with equity and fairness.

11. A good school provides a functional library that advocates reading.

It is said that readers are leaders and this school understands that. The library is stocked with educative books and the library environment is conducive for reading. Because reading is not a favorite sport for the majority of students, a good school seeks out innovative ways to encourage them to read.

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12. A good school positively influences the community it is situated in.

A school is a training and correctional institution and its benefits should be enjoyed by the community around it. For example: a school that is in a community that struggles with high rate of crime and violence should develop programs that aim at changing the orientation of the youths. They could start with their students and use them as ambassadors into the community. In all, the lives of the residents should be made better.

13. A good school aims at the all-round development of the students.

It takes into focus, the mental, emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and psychological wellness of each student.

14. A good school has a vast range of extracurricular activities for the students.

It provides sporting facilities for the students and has qualified trainers. It encourages the development of life skills.

15. A good school has good architectural designs.

For a school to be conducive for learning, it should have enough space for the students to comfortably move around. In addition to that, the class rooms should be well-ventilated and properly lighted. This shows that the health of the student is taken into consideration.

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