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Why Do Students Get Involved In Cultism?

Why do students get involved in Cultism?

A group of graduates gathered together one evening and were recounting stories from their university days. They talked about their dislike for the long lecture hours, poured out their anger at how some lecturers made money off students by forcing them to buy their textbooks. When the tide of the discussion moved them to the destructive disruptions of cultists on the campuses, the entire atmosphere became charged up. They exchanged tales upon tales about how these students made life a living hell for the others, and how majority of them eventually get killed off without recourse. Despite their varied views about life, none of them had anything positive to comment about cultism. At the end of the night, having looked at all the negativity surrounding the act, the question on their minds was: why then do students still join cults despite the simple fact they could get killed?
In this article, we’ll try to answer that question.

1. Quest for Power

Cultists are revered in the campuses, more out of fear for the havoc they cause than admiration for their person. Some students with the mad hunger for power, and reverence from their peers, decide to join in order to get the hunger satisfied. Also, they find the allure of fame often too hard to resist.

2. Laziness to do their academic work

It’s not so much hidden knowledge that there exists a level of corruption and malpractice in our higher institutions. The lazy student gets into the campus and he begins to look for shortcuts to make his transient stay stress free—in his words. He then meets others like him, who tell him that being in a cult makes it easy for him to enjoy such benefits. He needs time to flex and hence, sees cultism as a much needed panacea.

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3. Good old plain ignorance/naivety

And then, there are the plain ignorant ones, full of naivety. They see the fast cars and bling flashed around by the big boys of the occult and automatically misplace the last bit of sensibilities. They want to enjoy the good things of life, a decision not evil in itself, but they fail to realize that there’s a credible due process to things. There are also a lot of students who have joined secret cults in pure ignorance. Some were lured to the meeting by an old member under the pretense of “please accompany me to so-and-so.” And once they have been initiated, denouncing their membership is never easy.

4. Peer pressure

Many students, who enter the higher institutions, are still unsure in their footings. They still find it difficult to resist the swaying and pushing of their friends and mates. So, such a one gets into the campus and once again he is being pushed to join a cult and without any strong footing, he falls headlong. Many of them join cult groups following intense persuasion from their friends who are already members. This is another reason one has to surround himself with good friends.

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5. Inferiority complex

In relation to being susceptible to peer pressure, some students suffer from an inferiority complex. And when they’re wooed with the ‘thrills’ of the cult life, they find it difficult to resist.

6. Revenge

Some other students join cultism in order to revenge past misdeeds. Being that the cultists are the most dreaded in the campuses, this wounded one with a burning desire to get back at his offenders, join the cult so as to be able to get this achieved. In some cases, his offenders turn out to be members of another cult and this leads to a cycle of reprisal attacks.

7. Desire for acceptance

Some young people have lived lonely lives, having not enjoyed the comfort and love of family. These ones get into the schools and hear the bigger-than-life promises of the brotherhood and the ‘one-for all, all-for-one’ vow becomes all the conviction they need. For them, they finally have a community to call their own. In these cult groups, they pledge their allegiance to love and defend each other.

8. Protection

This is the major reason why student join cult. When they continuously get molested by other cult group, they resolve into joining them. They join cult groups to be protected from being intimidated by cult members. Cults promise protection to their members and some freshmen simply decide to join them to avoid being mistreated in the campuses. But not long after joining them, they discover that their lives are even in greater danger, as they have to fear reprisal attacks, among other things.

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9. Platform to showcase their bad behaviours

And finally, even before entry into the higher institutions, unfortunately, some students are already bad. So, joining a cult becomes a much desired goal of theirs. Furthermore, these cults provide them with a platform to exhibit their inherent wickedness.
But whatever the reason, nothing still excuses cultism, and no understanding of the whys take away the negative effects they bring.

Now, having looked at the ‘why’, the next question is: is there a way to prevent cultism?

  1. Well, seeing that most of the time, it’s a choice made by these students, we’ll be optimistic and say that focused reorientation would help them make better choices.
  2. The school authorities can also devote themselves more, to helping maintain the sanity in the school campuses—those bad eggs should be rusticated even before they negatively influence the rest.
  3. Authorities at all levels should ensure that they punish acts of cultism severely. This is with the hopes that it serves to discourage others from engaging in such.
  4. Academic exploits should be encouraged. The learning environment should be made conducive as this will make students focus solely on their education and not be distracted by other things such as cultism.
  5. Finally, when young people enter school with a clear view of what they want to achieve with their lives, it makes it easier for them to flee the temptation of cult groups, when they arise.
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